Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hubby Helpings: Boys Will Be Boys

When my DH is left to his own devices in culinary matters, this is the result:

That's right. A single hulking three-pound beef rib; one potato; one onion. Nothing green allowed. Well-seasoned and grilled over indirect heat for nearly three hours. As reminiscent of neanderthals this club-o-meat might be, the result is fall-off-the-bone delicious (I must admit that I was first in line for a bite, and relished wiping the smear of grease from my lips).

Ran got the massive rib at our neighborhood Mexican market, a place that has a real old-fashioned meat counter, and butchers who only speak Spanish. But language is never a barrier, I suspect, between two grown men on the subject of meat. A point, a nod, a grunt, a done deal. Eight bucks later, and Ran's got sustenance for a couple of meals. If only everything were so easy.

And in all fairness, Ran did conjur up a green vegetable (baby peas) to liven up his spread. This is a health-conscious household after all. Riiight....


  1. My DH is drooling right now over that hunk of meat and wants to know if your DH stuck it in the oven on a pan or what? He just might run to the nearest meat counter to try his hand at a three-pound rib! :)

  2. Oh those boys! :) Ran cooked it on straight on the BBQ grill, low-ish indirect heat.

  3. Wow! I'm now on the hunt for the best Mexican-style carneceria in Clark County, Washington, so Ran can teach me the craft of MAN FOOD!