Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let's Get Crabby!

Happy New Year, everybody! Randall and I rang in 2009 with a Bay Area tradition: a meal of fresh Dungeness crab. We're so fortunate to live right here where fishermen pull these tasty crustaceans mere miles from our home. The crab we enjoyed on New Year's Eve was swimming the day before - it just doesn't get any fresher. We laid claim to our crab a few days in advance through our local fish market (it's so popular, you have to reserve your catch because it's a perennial New Year's sell-out) - and we even left the cooking and cracking to them! Makes a festive meal pretty darn easy. We served the crab up with drawn butter and lemon - no fuss no muss. And there wasn't much more to making the meal complete: Caesar salad, roasted asparagas, a loaf of local sourdough bread, and champagne, of course! So, here's a toast to 2009, wishing you all a great year of Fare to Remember!

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