Sunday, December 20, 2009

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

There is not a single solitary Christmas decoration up at my house. No tree, no wreath, no twinkling lights. Brightly wrapped presents? Not a one to be found. But before you are sad for me and think me a grinch, a little explanation: Ran would say that he and I are making a concerted effort to SIMPLIFY (spending lots of time together, downsizing the gift list, giving presents hand made with love as opposed to "stuff" we just go out and buy) - and he would be right. But my reason? I leave for a 15-day trip to Southeast Asia on the 26th. I have Laos on the brain. Christmas, for the first time ever, has become secondary.

Randall is being a good sport about it; after all - we don't have kids, we're sharing Christmas Eve at Martha Stewart's decked out halls (that would be our friend Carolyn), and quite frankly, all the decor is so buried in the garage that the thought of unearthing it AND packing/planning/organizing for my trip AND cooking up goodies for a Christmas morning brunch AND finishing up any last minute internet shopping.... nope. Not gonna happen this year. I give myself total credit for getting a short list of holiday cards in the mail - I wasn't sure that was even going to happen.

But, thanks to the above-mentioned Carolyn who gave us the kit, Ran and I did enjoy an afternoon of holiday merriment this weekend by decorating a gingerbread house. We sat around the kitchen table - tubes of frosting and candy splayed about - laughing, decorating and sneaking in little bites of the gingerbread man's limbs. It's no masterpiece, but we had such a fun time doing it together. It was a sweet little date. And all the credit for the powdered sugar snow goes to Ran. Aw.

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