Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Flavors, Small Package: Smoky Red Pepper Crostini

Fair readers, I lied to you. I swore up and down just a couple weeks ago that I was done with the bacon bread. Over it. Ready to move on. Alas, I am weak and mortal. I bought more.

But I had to. The vision of this appetizer was swimming in my head; the distraction was not going to go away until I actually made them. The flavors in these little bites pack a punch, thanks to a host of complementary ingredients: bacon bread, smoked chili-infused olive oil, fire-roasted red peppers, and two different types of decadent cheeses (Le Fumaison from Auvergne, France - described as "meaty and firm with a big lingering finish, delicately smoked"; and Mimolette from Normandy, France - "visually intense with a chewy texture and a smoky, almost bacon-like flavor").

The assembly is simple - but I'm afraid the result wouldn't be quite as drool-worthy if you didn't use pretty much use the exact ingredients. But if you can get your hands on these various items, you're in for a treat for sure.

Smoky Red Pepper Crostini
  • Place slices of a bacon bread baguette (available weekends at The Model Bakery in Napa) on a baking sheet
  • Brush tops of the slices with chili-infused smoked olive oil (from The Smoked Olive - see my earlier Shameless Plug)
  • Top with strips of fire-roasted red bell peppers; season with a sprinkle of salt
  • Top the peppers with slices of Le Fumaison or Mimolette cheese
  • Place under a broiler and cook until the cheese is melted and bubbly


  1. I knew no one could possibly swear off of bacon bread for very long! I still need to get out there and buy myself a loaf to try. This recipe looks AMAZING! I figured the healthiness of the red bell peppers must cancel out the bacon in the bread right? :)

  2. Yes. The peppers nullify all other calories from cheese oil bread and bacon. It's health food - at least that's what I've convinced myself! :)