Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Poor, Neglected Blog

By Morry Anne Angell

Boy, have I been absent from this blog, or what? It's not that I haven't been cooking, eating or sharing memorable meals with friends (never), it's simply that I've been busy working on another project. Y'all will recall that I was recently in Thailand and Laos (plenty of memorable fare there!), and since returning home, I not only put up an entirely new blog devoted to my travels called "Picture This: Northern Thailand and Laos" (if you haven't seen it, my feelings are hurt! Scoot on over there post haste!), but I've been working feverishly to design and produce a book as well.

I'm pleased to report that after editing more than 400 images, writing draft after draft, doing extensive research on Buddhism and the Thai/Lao cultures, and creating dozens of layout mock-ups, "Picture This: Northern Thailand and Laos" the book is officially done! It has nothing to do with this blog, but I'm so darn proud of it that I had to share, and maybe garner some understanding for my lack of food blogging as of late. It's a beast, for sure: 386 final images, 254 pages, but it's the book I wanted to create. No cutting corners or sacrificing content to keep the cost or page count in check (the beauty of self-publishing). However, because it is such a brick, I doubt it will be a big seller at a whopping $131.95 per copy (the downside of self-publishing). I dare say it's worth it, but I realize I'm prejudiced!

So please follow that link right up there to at least take a peek at the preview; you'll see that I haven't been slacking... just otherwise occupied. But now that I've got that project crossed off my list, I can get back to more Fare to Remember blogging - yay!

Here's to more memories in 2010!

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