Sunday, February 28, 2010

Having a Swinging Good Time

Thank goodness for friends. And food. Thank goodness for great friends sharing great food. This past week was a rough one - drama at the office, devastating news from a family member, working over the weekend, missing too many workouts, procrastinating on personal projects - surely, there must be something redeeming in the works, right?

The Swingers* to the rescue.

I've written before about the close-knit group of fitness freaks together with whom I work out several nights a week (read a previous post here); it seems that our dinner parties are turning out to be legendary, and an immense source of fun and joy. This past weekend was no exception. With a weighty week gratefully behind me, a Swingers dinner party was all I needed to momentarily leave my woes behind and simply laugh. And eat.

It was a good old-fashioned crab feed: sweet, fresh cracked crab, salad, bread, wine. Throw in a couple fantastic appetizers, a little something sweet for dessert - voila, a party is born. I knew the evening was going to lift my spirits right off the bat, when an email rsvp came from a certain Swinger who previously thought he wasn't going to be able to make it. Blowing off his other plans, he simply wrote, "I'm itching for some crabs! I'll be there!"… and the tone for the evening was set.

The laughs… oh the laughs. It does a body good to go home with a belly full of a healthy, delicious spread; cheeks that hurt from smiling so much; and a head in the clouds with the gentle buzz from some spectacular wines.

So thank you Swingers, yet again, for being my escape from the mundane, my release from the day-to-day. Your friendship means the world and your appetites continue to impress (that's why we work out, right?). Love you!

*We are called The Swingers because we work out with kettelbells, where swinging the heavy iron bells is a key exercise. It is not a reflection of promiscuous lifestyle. At least that I know of. :)

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