Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm Back! The Lowdown on Argentina

It's been a while, eh? My apologies for being absent for so long from Fare to Remember, but I've been having fun! I spent three weeks in Argentina, and upon my return, all of my free time went to blogging about that experience. So Fare to Remember has been a bit neglected, but certainly not forgotten! You see, over at that new, one-time Argentina blog, I have a whole lot of delicious adventures to share with you. So, sorry to be a tease, but if you want to know all about my food and wine experiences while in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, click on over to here:

A couple of the food/wine-related highlights include (see - I'm thinking of you!):
If you're interested things other than Argentine food and wine, here's a few of my other favorite sections:
There's a lot over there to pore through, look at and peruse at your leisure, but I sure do hope you take a few minutes and check it out, send me your feedback, and get inspired to hit the road! In return, I promise to bring Fare to Remember back to its regularly scheduled programming. Whatever that is!

Photo sneak peeks....

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