Monday, July 5, 2010

Grilling and Chilling: Avocados

Advertising works! During my daily commute, I try my best not to listen to the radio - the incessant ads drive me bonkers. But there are those days when my CD selection just isn't cutting it, the iPod fails to deliver, or I'm just plain lazy... and the radio is a better alternative than listening to the thoughts in my head.

Last week, during one such stretch of radio time, I heard an advertisement from the California Avocado Commission. One of the growers was recounting his favorite way to prepare avocados: brushed with olive oil and lemon juice, grilled, then loaded up with salsa in the middle. Um... hello, yum?

Over this past grilling and chilling weekend, I gave it a go. Happy to report it is delicious. Grilling the avocados until the fruit is warmed all the way through makes them even creamier, and the grilling imparts a bit of smokiness to the flavor. I scooped my warmed avocado directly from the skin with corn chips; mixed with the salsa, the result was like a warm, ready-made guacamole. It takes zero effort, and would make a great appetizer or side dish to any BBQ spread. I, however, enjoyed mine all on its own - now I call that a lunch!

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