Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tasty Travels: Thailand and Laos

So have you missed me? I feel as though I've been away from this little blog for so long! But if you've been reading, you know that my absence has been all in the name of new, exciting content. I traveled to Northern Thailand and Laos over the past several weeks, and am thrilled to report back with some very memorable food-related experiences and photos. My journey was so fulfilling, fun, fabulous... that to try and capture it within a couple of Fare to Remember posts wouldn't be doing it justice. So I created an entirely separate blog to document my adventure, and I sure hope that you'll give it a look. Here's the link:

There are plenty of posts that will appeal to all of you, since they relate directly to food, markets, farming, meals... you know, the good stuff! I was a good little food tourist... I did lots of "research." Here's a few direct links to posts that you might find particularly interesting:
But those are really just the tip of the iceberg. Please do check it out - would love to hear your thoughts.

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