Monday, November 17, 2008

"Fare to Remember" Cookbook on Sale Now!

The wait is finally over! Co-author Carolyn Hindes and I are pleased to bring you "Fare to Remember." This 200-page cookbook features full-color photos for each and every recipe, the majority of which were prepared and photographed in the Hindes "Test Kitchen" and enjoyed in the company of friends throughout the course of the last year. Available from in either Hardcover with dust jacket: $56.95, or softcover: $43.95 ('s retail pricing; there has been no additional mark-up). The book makes its debut just in time for the holidays! This unique, homemade book makes for a wonderful gift for all of the foodies in your life. Tasty indeed!

Preview and purchase it at the links provided (click on the blurb link above or the badge below) - but make sure to send me any comments about the book right here on the blog. I want to know what you think!

By Morry Anne Angell...


  1. Congrats on a fabulous food book, you two! We're getting ours today!

  2. Brilliant! The amount of work it took to make this book came to pass was equal to pleasure of repast.
    More than average cookbook - Anthology really, with a family story behaind every dish.
    Congratulations Carolyn & Moory.
    You are good!

  3. Morry,
    Wow, you never stop amazing me! Do you ever rest? My question is what is next on your never ending creative road of life?? Congrats on another sucessful endeaver!